6 reasons for Kalthoff Panel Filters in rail vehicles

Kalthoff panel filters are increasingly employed in decentralised systems and process-air systems. With our panel filter series GRISU WU and WU/5510 Kalthoff has developed reliable filter types that can withstand the difficult conditions in mobile systems. Below we have summarised what qualifies these filters for application in rail vehicles:

1. Technical scope conditions

Kalthoff panel filters made of pleated, progressively-structured, thermally-bonded high-performance media convince by a large filter surface and at the same time low pressure drops. Particles are effectively separated with a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the filter.

Kalthoff panel filters GRISU WU and WU/5510 meet the required standard in rail vehicles and are available in the ISO groups ISO Coarse 90% (G4) und ISO ePM10 50% (M5) according to DIN EN ISO 16890.

2. Fire protection in accordance with EN 45545-2

In order to guarantee the safety of persons in rail vehicles, the compliance of effective fire protection requirements is a fundamental obligation.

Kalthoff panel filters GRISU WU and WU/5510 are certified to EN 45545-2 resp. DIN 5510-2. We gladly provide these certificates to our customers.

3. Hygiene in accordance with VDI 6032

The Standard VDI 6032 requires the application of inert materials to prevent metabolisation by microorganisms. Thus, the use of filters with cardboard frame is non-permissible.

The Kalthoff panel filters GRISU WU and WU/5510 are fully-synthetic, hygienic and moisture-proof. The requirements of VDI 6032 are fulfilled.

4. Reduced maintenance costs

Kalthoff panel filters can be changed quickly, easily and cleanly. With the help of the FIBERPLAST frame, a proper fit into the device will be achieved. Leakages will be avoided so that particle penetrations are a „thing of the past“.

In addition, the maintenance intervals prolong with the long-standing service lives of Kalthoff panel filters considerably. The maintenance costs will be cut enormously. Kalthoff panel filters in fully synthetic design are also fully combustible and easy to dispose of.

5. Application-oriented manufacturing

The Kalthoff panel filters GRISU WU and WU/5510 are available in numerous versions and can be adapted to the available space conditions.

Our panel filters allow optimal utilisation of the given installation space while at the same time improving the filtration performance.

6. Memberships

Kalthoff is a member of the Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering. (VDMA), which is the largest industrial association of Europe. In addition, Kalthoff has numerous collaborations in the Association of the European Railway Industry (UNIFE) in the working group of medium-sized companies (SME).

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Further information on ventilation systems in rail vehicles and the associated filter requirements can be found here.

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