A view into the DASA

Health awareness with Kalthoff

For Kalthoff, the satisfaction of its customers comes first. On 23rd  September 2017, however, the focus was on the company’s own employees.

This year’s staff outing led through the largest workplace exhibition in Germany, the DASA in Dortmund. Our insight into individual areas of the exhibition focused primarily on the health prevention with regard to back and stress symptoms, which are the most common diseases among employees.

In doing so, we were allowed to become actors ourselves, and some new insights could be gained. Be it balancing on a stabilizer plate that did not really want to stand still or in a game in which one had to keep the brain activities low, in order to relax conciously. In contrast, a relaxation lounger for “powernapping” did not require any exercise. Here the lying down for testing was a little too short to replenish one‘s energies.

In the company, Kalthoff has long been committed to the health and safety of its own employees, as they are an important part of the company’s success.

Accordingly, Kalthoff pursues a clear corporate policy on health, safety and environment. Maintaining the health and safety of our employees as well as our business partners is the highest priority of our business activities.

Kalthoff sees a great responsibility in the sale of air filters. This is why we contribute to the safety and protection of humans. Because air is a food which is required in high, consistent quality.

People spend a large part of their time in buildings, so that health-promoting climatic conditions and air conditions have to be created. Kalthoff filters protect against the degassing of substances such as printers, textiles, clothing as well as the human being himself. Kalthoff air filters also provide high air purity in hospitals, in pharmaceutical technology or in the food and beverage industry to ensure the protection of man and product.

Of course, much more than purified air belongs to a safe and health-promoting workplace. Nevertheless, we are proud to be able to make a valuable contribution to a better quality of life with our products.

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