Standardisation 20-17

The new Standard 20-17 applies to all future new articles of panel filters W-Line and RELIM.

Why a new standard?

Kalthoff offers W-Line and RELIM panel filters with various frame designs made of different materials.

For many years we have offered our standard FIBERPLAST-frame made of synthetic nonwoven. Thereby our panel filters are fully-synthetic, hygienic and fully combustible.

For a long period the cardboard frame was one of the available designs, too. In the course of 2017, however, we gradually reduced and almost completely stopped the production of panel filters with cardboard frames.

With the extension of our standard overall depths, the cardboard frame design is replaced and even additional options are created.

Which modifications have been made?

First, the standard front dimensions were adapted. The new standard dimensions for panel filters W-Line and RELIM can be found in the following table:

Front sizes

Front sizes panel filter W-Line and RELIM

* Production tolerance of +0/-2 mm

Drawing front size panel filter

Front size panel filter: W = width, H = hight

Upon explicit request also special dimensions are available.

Furthermore, standard overall depths were defined from extended standard depths. You can see from the following table which frame designs are available.

Overall depths

overall depths panel filter W-Line and RELIM, standard and extended standard

* Production tolerance of +0/-1 mm; ** R= RELIM, W= W-Line

Are also customised overall depths produced?

In case you require special overall depths deviating from the standard or from the extended standard, FIBERPLAST-frames with standard depth will be manufactured and subsequently extended to the requested size for orders of less than 50 pieces per delivery lot.

In case the special overall depth is above 100 mm, you will be supplied with a frame design made of galvanized sheet steel or solid aluminium.

Further information

For your documents, you can download the following information sheets as PDF-file. All important information on the standardisation 20-17 for RELIM and for W-Line panel filters is summarised again herein.