I. HVAC systems for residences of persons

Adapted air climatic conditions for persons

The majority of people remain in buildings in everyday life. Correspondingly, health-promoting climatic conditions and air conditions have to be created. According to the objective of the buildings, there are official requirements on the fresh-air conditioning, which means requirements on the heating, cooling, humidifying, drying and filtering.

PM values define the air quality

The air filtration depends on the quality of the outdoor air (OutDoor Air = ODA) as well as the required indoor air quality (InDoor Air = IDA). Government authorities and also the World Health Organisation (WHO) evaluate air quality, in particular by means of the included fine dusts with PM values (PM = Particulate Matter). An ODA PM10 value of 50 µg/m³ means e.g. that in one cubic meter of fresh air there are 0.05 milligrams of fine dust with a diameter less than 10 µm.

In case of an office building, a multi-stage filtration with filters of at least the Classes F7 and F9 / EN779, as well as an activated carbon unit would result from this. For such an application fine dust bag-type filters, as well as fine dust compact filters, are suitable. As an activated carbon unit, activated carbon bag-type filters can be used.

The hygiene state of the HVAC system is also to be considered

Also the pollutant freights occurring within a building are of considerable importance for the filter operation. Furthermore, the indoor air quality in the medium term is also dependent on the hygiene state of the HVAC system. Here VDI 6022 stipulates strict specifications for maintaining a hygienically trouble-free system status.

Filter types inserted in HVAC systems:

1. Filter stage
Coarse dust bag-type filtersMULTIFOLD Pocket Filter T/TQ 35
Medium dust bag-type filters

MULTIFOLD Pocket Filter TC/TCQ 60 –TCC 65
2. Filter stage
Fine dust bag-type filtersMULTIFOLD Pocket Filter TCC 85 – TCC 98
Fine dust compact filtersCompact Filter RELIM VRK
Compact Filter FLUWID VSK
Activated carbon unit
Activated carbon bag-type filtersActivated Carbon Filter COMPOSORB TAK


II. Residential ventilation systems

Enjoying optimum air quality

Residential ventilation systems must meet the very individual requirements of the residents. Therefore they are more likely to be aligned in decentralised form to individual living units. As a result of climate protection measures, the requirements on energy conservation are continuously intensifying and the building sealing continuously increases. For this, the fresh air supply and exhaust-air removal are implemented using residential ventilation systems with heat recovery. This serves for the prevention of building damage through humidity rise and offers a considerable gain in comfort by the permanent high quality of tempered fresh air. Stubborn food odours no longer stand a chance. Simply breathe in deeply and enjoy a lasting feeling of freshness.

Air filters must protect against germs

Air-supply filters guarantee a high level of protection against ingress particle freights and effectively protect the installed systems technology. Even the smallest particle depositions would be otherwise a source for microbial growth and an infestation of the aggregates.

Air filters used in residential ventilation systems must be highly effective, long-lived, easy to handle, compact and space-saving when installed.

Filter types inserted in residential ventilation systems:

Supply-air filtration
Coarse dust panel filtersPanel Filter WU
Exhaust-air filtration
Coarse dust panel filtersPanel Filter WU
Fine dust panel filtersPanel Filter RELIM
Activated-carbon unit
Activated-carbon filtersActivated Carbon Filter FAK-50