Mobile systems

Ventilating systems in vehicles

Vehicles as a workplace

Air filters in vehicles must meet very different requirements. On the one hand, a vehicle is frequently a workplace so that the requirements on occupational health and safety are to be met. Health-promoting air supply must be guaranteed under all operation and environmental conditions. Employers, government authorities and occupational insurance associations are concerned with this.

Protection for passengers

Of course railway vehicles, ships, buses or aircraft are also used for the conveyance of passengers. Correspondingly, VDI 6032 stipulates minimum requirements on the air quality.

Filter requirements on ships and railway vehicles

Air filters in ships in particular have to contend with continuously-high air-humidity levels and salt concentrations, which may not lead to any hygienic impairment of the supply air.

In railway vehicles, changing ambient conditions and ride conditions represent a problem for a reliable particle filtration. Filter service lives must be reliably predicted and strictly adhered to, since unscheduled maintenance work and short service lives can result in high costs. Therefore air filters must be increasingly more efficient, more long-lived and more reliable.

There is little space available in railway vehicles, so that filter types are to be constructed in compact form with low installation depth. The task definition is additionally complicated by high requirements on fire protection. Many further applications concern the vehicle itself (cooling air, engine air, electrical aggregates etc.).

It is for these very reasons that the high-quality and long-lived filters from Kalthoff are used in railway vehicles. They permanently ensure fresh air, so that personnel and travellers alike have a feeling of well-being and remain healthy.

Filter types used in railway vehicles:

Exhaust-air filtration and device protectionFilter padsFilter Media VNF-295
Coarse and medium dust filtrationPanel filtersPanel Filter WU
Fine dust filtrationPanel filtersPanel Filter RELIM

Further information about railway vehicles:

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