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Our service

We can provide more than first-class air filters:

Technical consultation

Just selling high-quality filters is not our understanding of a good customer relationship. So that you can use the filters optimally and efficiently, a professional consultation in the planning and selection stage is of course also an important factor. The committed specialists in our engineering offices on site and in our head office are always available to you.

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Technische Beratung

Training sessions

We advise you, not only in technical questions, but we also wish to provide you with our knowledge which we have acquired over more than 50 years. Whether it involves filter-technical, normative or energy-conservation subjects – with our expert knowledge you always end up with the best solution.


Individual manufacture

Every customer has different requirements. For that we meet customer preferences individually. Whether it involves special formats or special designs, in our product range with more than 30,000 products, it is guaranteed that you will be able to find the filter design dimensions suitable for your objectives.

Individuelle Fertigung

Individual labelling

If you have the goods supplied directly to your customers and if you yourself wish to be the sender, then our individual Labelling Service is the right solution for you. With us you can store your own customer-specific labels. We then dispatch with the logo of your company or with neutral dispatch labels.

Individuelles Labeling

Individual packaging

Associated with our service is the managing of the procurement procedure of the filters as easily as possible for you. If all air filters in a large building must be exchanged, there is great deal to handle and sort out. This problem does not occur with us. With the ordering procedure, you can indicate the application location and the system identification. In this way we are able to package commission-related. This enables you to make a direct assignment of the products to their respective place of destination.

Individuelle Verpackung


As well as the individual manufacture, we store a finished goods quota in our Logistics Centre, in order to enable us to fulfil your order quickly. A delivery of up to 10,000 filters per day can be continuously guaranteed in this way. This means that with us approx. 2.5 million filters are sent annually, in order to supply you with pure air worldwide.


Vehicle fleet

Because sometimes things have to be provided quickly, we operate our own vehicle fleet. The delivery can therefore be implemented to you point-precise and on a direct path, without any reloading. Also in case of unclear delivery locations, such as on large industrial estates, our responsible driver retains the necessary overview.