Optimized ISO ePM1 Filters

Take a responsibility

The climate protection. Nothing is and remains more acute than the constant attempt to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus also in the ventilation and air-conditioning technology. In order to reduce global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, the EU has created the Ecodesign Directive (ErP). This requires a certain amount of energy efficiency in new ventilation units in order to contribute to a lower environmental impact.

To achieve this, the minimization of the pressure drop increase in installed air filter systems is essential. With a steep increase of the pressure drop of the filters, the energy consumption also increases considerably. Air filters represent the only components in an air conditioner whose pressure drop varies and which can be replaced without much effort.

Save money in the right place

Considering the Total Life Cycle Costs (TLCC), an enormous saving potential becomes apparent. Energy costs amount to a total of 70 %, procurement costs amounting to 20 %, and maintenance and disposal costs are barely 10 %.

Percentage components of Total Life Cycle Costs

Investing in a high-quality filter that has a low pressure drop increase allows a huge reduction in energy costs.


The energy-saving Kalthoff filters

The internationally valid Filter Standard DIN ISO 16890 requires the separation of extremely fine particle collectives: Kalthoff offers even 3 sophisticated, ISO ePM1-classified filter types.

The MULTIFOLD Pocket Filter TCC 95 results from the further development of the manufacturing process for the COMPOPLUS® filter material and shows an even lower charge performance than before. Thus, the TCC 95 is classified to ISO ePM1 65 %.

With its high efficiency, the MULTIFOLD Pocket Filter TCC 95 scores with a low pressure drop of 110 Pa, and that is with fully synthetic media.
For rough industrial use with high outdoor air concentration (ODA3), Kalthoff offers the MULTIFOLD Pocket Filter Type TC 85. Here, the use of a filter media from multi layer synthetic nonwoven and a corrugated superfine fibre layer allows an enormously high dust storage capacity.

Due to a low energy consumption and a very low pressure drop the MULTIFOLD Pocket Filter TC 85 is especially efficient. The initial pressure drop of the pocket filter is just 75 Pa. The TC 85 is classified to ISO ePM1 60%.
With the Compact Filter of the series FLUWID VSK ETA 85 (ISO ePM1 50%, modification as from version 7/2020: 60 %) Kalthoff has created the solution for energy-efficient operation, because ETA stands for efficiency.

An initial pressure drop of only 55 Pa (modification as from version 7/2020: 60 Pa) is particularly noteworthy here. With the new Compact Filter FLUWID VSK ETA Kalthoff sets a new standard on the market.

Particularly in the context of the new Ecodesign Directive (ErP) the VSK ETA is suitable for the use in HVAC systems that run a low airflow. Especially there its full otential can be generated and the energy consumption of the system can be kept to a minimum.


Compliance with the high performance level is checked regularly during the individual production stages and in the laboratory. We guarantee the durable high product quality of all Kalthoff air filters to our customers. We document this quality assurance by technical data sheets and certificates that we will gladly provide you with.


Our extensive filter stock enables a short-term delivery service for many usual standard products, which is optimally supported by our own vehicles. In addition, we fulfil further demands on valuable logistics, such as e.g. customer- and/or object-related labelling and packaging, just in time delivery.

We provide consulting

For further details and detailed consulting please contact our sales team at +49 (0) 2592 / 965 – 0 or sales@kalthoff-luftfilter.de.

We look forward to being on hand with help and advice for you.


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