Expansion of the Management by Holger Bornemann

We welcome Mr. Holger Bornemann to the Kalthoff Management.

The second generation of entrepreneurs is represented by the Managing Directors Mr. Rainer Kalthoff and Dr. Henrik Badt, who have been successfully steering the fortunes of Kalthoff for more than 20 years.

Further targeted growth and a far-sighted view of the future have prompted us to appoint Mr Holger Bornemann to the Kalthoff Management additionally as of October 2022. He is responsible for the departments purchasing, logistics and IT.

A look at his curriculum vitae makes clear why Mr Bornemann is such an important component of success for our company:

Born in 1976 in Hagen, the trained industrial management assistant early decided to pursue the career of a specialist buyer, for which he got qualified through appropriate training. In the pharmaceutical industry, at a well-known German manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, he gained decisive experience, especially in technical project purchasing of production resources as well as production machines and equipment.

This expertise brought him to Kalthoff in 2005, where he assumed the position of Purchasing Manager from then on. In addition to the systematic expansion of this department, Mr Bornemann was significantly involved in the development of the Kalthoff logistics centre and responsible for accompanying several projects for the procurement of mechanical capital goods as well as for the implementation of building expansions and projects of new constructions.

Having been authorised by procuration since 2015, he acted as a Project Manager and was responsible for the largest Kalthoff investment project to date, the planning, development and realisation of a highly automated production line for Kalthoff MULTIFOLD pocket filters, which is about to be completed and will set new standards in filter production.

Mr Bornemann is a father of three daughters, a passionate endurance athlete and a popular, likeable strategist who is held in high reputation in the air filter sector. We are looking forward to mastering the upcoming challenges at Kalthoff together with him.

Holger Bornemann