Next steps to implement the filter standard DIN ISO 16890

As of July 1st, 2018 the EN 779 will be replaced by the new DIN ISO 16890. Time to inform you about the next steps at Kalthoff:

Testing and labelling according to DIN ISO 16890

This is the most important task at hand for the air filter manufacturers. Kalthoff has already completed testing all air filter types under the new conditions. Overview data sheets inform you by now which designations you will find on the product- and order documents in the future. The catalogue data will be promptly updated to the new ISO values.

Does the ISO Standard require new filter types?

It is erroneously claimed that with the introduction of DIN ISO 16890 existing filter types have to be replaced by “filters according to new standard”. It is correct that used filter types must be tested and labelled according to the new standard as of 1.07.2018. Thus, only the designations change with the existing filter types. Material and properties do not change immediately.

Scheduling these measures at an early stage and meeting terms are our entrepreneurial duties that our customers can rely on.

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Are there any new requirements on air filters?

Specialists are currently working on incorporating the new ISO filter designations into technical standards, regulations and recommendations (such as EUROVENT 4/23-2017, EN 16798-3, VDI 6022 Part 1:2018-01, VDI 3803-4 and others). There are different recommendation results within the various expert committees, but also changes in future requirements compared to older versions.

For example, the VDI 6022:2018 guideline recommends the use of ePM1 filters in applications for which EUROVENT prescribes filters of the groups ePM2,5 or ePM10.
(For details see the Eurovent Recommendation 4/23-2017 at

These discrepancies currently complicate orientation in terms of the validity of future filter requirements. However, both recommendations represent the state of the art and must be taken into account for the appropriate application.

As far as the filter requirements in existing systems are concerned, there is a provision made to safeguard existing standards, which in the future, however, must not lead to a hygiene risk for the operation of the HVAC-system.

Benefit from Kalthoff know-how

Thus, the implementation of DIN ISO 16890 creates a new situation for the entire HVAC sector, which must be considered. The Air Filter Working Group has produced a VDMA Air Filter Information (2018), which will be published shortly.

Let our professionals advise you, if and if so, which measures are relevant for your application or will become relevant in the future.

Kalthoff, as a competent German filter manufacturer with a range of several 10.000 articles, from the coarse dust filter ISO Coarse to the HEPA filter, offers you the needed filter types in numerous designs today as well as in the future and is on hand with help and advice.

And, of course, our development engineers are already working today on turning tomorrow’s filter technology into intelligent and optimised products.